Daily Market Review 20 of June

During the G 20 meeting the European region leaders gave assurance to take the entire necessary policy measures to secure the currency merger as Spain struggles with a banking crisis, while in Greece all 3 party leaders have committed to organization a government that will maintain Greece’s position in the euro area and struggle to change some austerity procedures that have guided the country into a 5th straight year of recession. The government in Athens may try to find a drive to its flipside against necessary cuts in pensions and the least wage and the tempo of budget arrears reduction. The European officials have held out the outlook of flexibility following the election that amounted to a referendum on left over in the 17 nation currency union, also the previous finance minister who negotiate a 2nd 130 billion-euro ($165 billion) rescue package earlier this year. The Spain is due to sell on 21st June 2012 the debt maturing in 2014, 2015 and 2017. While the nation’s 10 year surrender relieve yesterday, they remain above the 7% level that pressed Greece, Ireland and Portugal to ask for rescue packages. In Asia Japan’s requirement for energy imports climbed in May subsequent to the world’s 3rd biggest economy shut nuclear plants following last year’s record earthquake and meltdowns at a facility. The U.S. central bank is projected to announce added incentive measures as soon as this week’s meeting goes, the euro’s fault comes before Spanish bond auctions tomorrow, which may cast doubt over the country’s funding potential.


The Pair is currently trading at 1.2677; In the EUR/USD euro’s force is rising progressively more and about to uncertain ahead of the 1.2850 advance. The emotional level is being supported by the 1.2747 where resistance is from the 1.3495 to 1.2275, the bearish turn down and disappointment of the price actions to close above the 1.2755. The Support levels are at 1.2674, 1.2637, 1.2602 and the Resistance levels are at 1.2743, 1.2791, 1.2828