Daily Market Review 13 of Fabruary

Equities are generally on the rise. Dow Jones (14018.70, +0.34%) continues to fluctuate within a tight range between 13850 and 14050. If the rate doesn’t drop to the lower boundary of 13850, it will suggest that it is strong within the range. The most essential event for America is US Retail Sales that are expected to grow. Such piece of news is forecasted to have a big positive impact on American equities. Asia-Pacific region is in green mostly: ASX (5028.10, +0.94%), Hang Seng (23215, +0.16%), and Nikkei (11351, -0.16%). Nikkei has been appreciating for a long time already overall. Now it is targeting an important level at 12000. Still some analysts do not exclude possible consolidation at 10000.  Oil (97.61, +0.10%) grew well. At 98.00 there is an important Resistance, the break of which will enable Oil to grow further. In such a case the goal of Oil will be 103. If resistance is too strong then there might be a slight setback and the commodity then is expected to trade sideways in a narrow range of 98-95 for some time. Gold (1653.20, +0.22%) is not too strong at the moment inspire of a little recent advance. If Support at 1650 doesn’t hold there will be a chance of breaking 1625-1700 range.  Silver (31.20, +0.60%) bounced well from its support near 30.75. nevertheless it is not quite strong yet.  There is still a danger of breaking that support. So the dip to 29.50 is still possible.



The Euro (1.3451) has broken above 1.3400. The level was not only an important Support level, but also a meaningful psychological boundary. Now it seems ready to appreciate further and get to new highs of the range 1.3500-3600. We’ll see very soon if the Euro is up to the challenge to cope with a new goal.


The Pound (1.5673) dipped below Support at 1.5600 yesterday. But afterwards has bounced back from its low of 1.5572.  Most likely it will stay in a range between 1.5600 and 5900 for a while. The range is quite broad. So the breakout in any direction will be a strong signal for a further trend.