BMW extended production

BMW opened a motorcycle manufacturing in Brazil by opening a factory in Manaus. This is the first company’s manufacturing, that is located not in Europe. By factory’s idea, each ear they will produce 10 thousand motorcycles. Motorcycle models, that will be released, are F 800 GS, F 800 GS Adventure, F 800 R, R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure, S 1000 R, S 1000 RR и S 1000 XR. New factory opening will positively affect on BMW stocks.

From the middle of October, BMW stocks increased by 5,9%. This is an amazing growing trend, that that was provoked by positive developments in the company. Trading BMW (MAXBMW) will be available during the European session, from 8:15 to 16:30 GMT.

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