Gazprom has increased its capital

Over the past 9 months Gazprom has increased its profit by 4.8 times. The revenue has grown by 8.5%, despite the fact that the company decided to reduce gas production and investment size for this year. This is the best result that Gazprom has achieved for the last few years.

The long-term forecast also remains positive, since on the last week Gazprom had signed a few cooperation agreements with the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Future joint projects will also affect the further growth of the capital and the shares' value.

According to the latest news, the price of Gazprom shares has already increased by 0.48%. Now is the best time to earn money on a further growth. Trading will be available during the European session from 6:30 to 14:30 GMT time.

The news is only for informational purposes and cannot be construed as an offer or indication of the commission of certain transactions in the financial and commodity markets.