Gazprom has lost its leading position


Gazprom has once again lost the status of the most profitable Russian company. Over the past two months, Gazprom's capitalization for the 2d time was lower, than the Rosneft's one. The wrong policy for the European market is considered to be the main problem, which still leads to loss of customers. Despite the fact, that the company's share on that market is about 30%, Gazprom stock price continues to decline.

The report has had a negative impact on Gazprom shares, which have fallen by 1,34% and continue to actively decrease in value, which gives traders a good chance to earn money. Remember, that trading will be available during the European session, from 7:10 to 14:30 GMT time.

The news is only for informational purposes and cannot be construed as an offer or indication of the commission of certain transactions in the financial and commodity markets.