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May 30 | 14:00
30 May 14:00

Master class by Shem Davis!


Shem Davis

Master class by one of the best analysts of the company - Shem Davis! May 30.05.2018 To participate, make a deposit in the amount of $200 Contact your analyst today to sign up! Shem Davis is an experienced analyst of the company, who has been trading for 10 years. Mr. Davis successfully develops his personal strategies, which already have hundreds of followers around the world. At the webinar, the expert will reveal the secret of highly-profitable trading, will present one of his strategies and answer all the questions of the participants. Visit the online webinar with Lead Analyst Shem Davis, and your trading will never be the same! THE WEBINAR WILL TAKE PLACE: May 30, 2018 at 14:00 GMT. To become a participant of the webinar, make a deposit in the amount of 200 USD and contact your analyst to sign up!