Microsoft has made new purchases

The economic performance of Microsoft remains positive for a very long time. The next successful step was to buy two companies. The first was Talko, the application, which enables clients to conduct and record conference calls. The creator of such innovative service was a former Microsoft employee. The second purchase was Metanautix, the company, which has developed the system to analyze the vast amounts of data. New purchases will allow Microsoft to significantly optimize its work and attract even more customers, which will definitely increase the company's profits.

The news has positively affected the value of Microsoft shares, which has already grown by 1.29%. Traders have a great opportunity to earn money on a further rise. Remember, that trading will be available during the American session, from 13:40 to 20:00 GMT time.

The news is only for informational purposes and cannot be construed as an offer or indication of the commission of certain transactions in the financial and commodity markets.