Nintendo celebrated Pokémon Go’s anniversary

On June 23 around 20,000 fans of the popular Pokémon Go application gathered together in Chicago to celebrate one-year anniversary of the virtual game. Thousands of fans were willing to participate in the biggest Pokémon hunt ever paying $20 fee for entrance; however, the celebration went badly awry when technical glitches prevented fans from logging on. Disappointed fans booed the chief developer when he took the stage to address the thousands of frustrated Pokémon enthusiasts, saying everyone who registered for the event would get a full refund for the $20 tickets and $100 in credits for use of the app.

During morning trading session, Nintendo’s shares dropped by 2,6%. The trade will be available during Asian session from 0:05 till 2:30 and from 3:35 till 6:00 GMT.

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