Nintendo conquered the world

Developer Nintendo released a mobile game named “Pokemon GO”, that gained worldwide popularity in a few days. The main idea of “Pokemon GO” is to catch creatures, following them on the map. The basis of the game taken from the computer games, that Nintendo released in 1996. Many analysts think, that Nintendo is not the only company that will gain income from “Pokemon GO”. Numerous game downloads give Apple an opportunity to earn 3 billion dollars from selling game additions on AppStore.

Nintendo stocks from the month beginning increased on 49% and have tendencies to grow. Apple stocks increased on 5% since 6ht of July and also keep growing. Nintendo stocks will be available during Asian session, from 00:05-2:30 and 3:35-5:45 GMT time. Apple stocks will be available during American session, from 14:40 to 21:00 GMT. 

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