Oil's value increases due to the Middle East conflict

Because of the recent terrorist events in Paris, France has decided to retaliate by attacking the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is now considered to be the extremist capital of the Islamic state. According to analysts, the rise in prices was caused by France's participation in the conflict, which firstly influenced the oil prices to stabilize. However, they consider that the increase in value will be short-lived, as the world's oil reserves have reached a record volume.

Nevertheless, the prices of Brent and WTI oil brands show a quite strong growth. Brent crude's value has increased by 0.17% and costs $44.48 per barrel, WTI's price - by 0.55% and costs $40.92 per barrel. Now is the great opportunity to earn money on a further growth. Remember, that trading will be available from 03:00 to 20:00 GMT time.

The news is only for informational purposes and cannot be construed as an offer or indication of the commission of certain transactions in the financial and commodity markets.