Pfizer will absorb its main competitor

The American company Pfizer, one of the world's leading drugs manufacturers, has announced its readiness to buy its competitor, the Irish company Allergan, for a record price of $ 160 billion. Such action will lead to the emergence of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, and the deal will be considered as the largest in the industry's history.

The merger will allow both companies to reduce costs and increase profits. The new combined company will become the market leader in the production of various cosmetic and medical products, including such well-known brands as Botox and Viagra. According to analysts, the annual income of the new company will be more than $ 53 billion.

Such positive news has had an immediate impact on the Pfizer shares' value, which managed to increase by 2.04%. Do not miss this great opportunity to earn money on a further growth. Trading will be available during the US session, from 13:40 to 20:00 GMT time.

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