Platform Tutorial
Platform Introduction
  • Display options
    See how friendly the platform is and how to choose your desired platform layout to match your trading requirements and style.
  • Graph Explanation
    Learn how to use the platform's graph and analyze the market using time frames and real time market prices.
  • Trader Choice
    See other traders' choices for a certain asset in order to decide how the market will move.
  • How to trade
    Become familiar with the platform controls - Expiration time, Call, Put, Payout, Protected Amount and Potential Payout.
  • Open Positions
    Find your open positions using ID, Asset, and Strike rate. Also, manage your open positions through the chart.
  • Expired Positions
    It's important to analyze your expired positions. You can do that in the Expired Positions tab.
  • CFDs, FOREX and Options
    The simplest and most common way to trade is CFDs, FOREX and Options which expires on the same day. Just Choose if the asset will go up or down.
  • Long Term
    If you are interested in opening a long term position, you should use this feature which doesn't expire on the same day.
  • Sixty Seconds
    In this section of the platform you may open fast and exciting positions which expire in 30, 60 or 120 seconds.
  • One Touch
    Enables you to trade after the trading hours and offers higher payouts while the expiration times can occur few days from the entry point.
  • Pairs
    This feature enables you to select pair of assets that goes head to head by deciding which one will go over the other.
  • Option builder
    Other than to usual parameters, this definable type of option allows you to define the profit and risk management of the option.
  • Dynamic One Touch
    When using Dynamic One Touch you predict whether the asset price will touch the goal rate or not. This feature offers very attractive payouts.
  • Ladder
    Choose whether the price will be below or above certain goal rates at expiry time. The farther the goal rates the higher the payouts.
  • J Ladder
    Choose the goal rate and whether the price will be above or below at the expiry time.
Executing orders
  • Orders
    Learn which actions available to you choose from once you have had opened a position.
  • Double Up
    If you see the opportunity to double your profit during a position you may choose this action.
  • Rollover
    In some cases you have the opportunity to postpone the expiration to one of the next expiration times.
  • Sell
    Sometimes you'll be interested to sell your position before the original expiry time. Learn how to use this feature.