Sberbank launches new projects

One of the largest banks in Russia has started to implement and participate in several projects, which have already had a positive impact on the shares' value. Sberbank joined the program to issue new bank cards, which helps it to increase the turnover due to the developed network of ATMs and local departments. It's worth noting, that the amount of Sberbank's online users during this year has risen by 3 times and now exceeds 10 million people.

Sberbank has also launched a special program for small and medium-sized businesses. Clients will have the possibility to get a lower interest rate and set up their own minimum monthly payment, which will undoubtedly increase the flow of new customers.

The common positive sentiment has affected the value of Sberbank shares, which has increased by 2.26%. Traders have a good chance to earn money on a further growth. Trading will be available during the European session, from 6:30 to 14:30 GMT time.

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