Sberbank loses its profit

Sberbank’s pure profit decreased by 1,6%. Such decline was caused by the rise of the interest rate income and the amount of money sent to reserves. Sberbank has a certain strategy, which is expected to improve the most important business indicators. In order to maintain the previous level of income Sberbank is planning a more developed dividend policy and an increase in lending to individuals.

The amount of the net profit equals now 178,3 billion rubles, as in comparison with the results of November last year, it was 293,9 billion rubles. The value of Sberbank’s assets due to the last month data decreased by 1,7%.

According to the latest data, the value of Sberbank’s shares declined by 1,47%. Don’t miss your chance to earn on a further fall. Trading will be available from 6:00 to 14:30 GMT time.

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