Trading tactics for 08.09 - 12.09


The price chart for EUR/USD has breached the price support level at 1.29281. Currently there are some sluggish dynamics after the euro’s intense selling. The price chart also has formed a new price support level at 1.29281.

A conclusion based on observations of the trading week states, that EUR/USD after the data for the ECB’s interest rates was published, can enter the wait state when other financial news will be released. On the one hand the news is priced in the market on the background of the major interest rate’s change up to 0.05%, from the other hand, the euro is quite oversold.

The forecast for currencies in binary options shows, if EUR/USD strengthens higher than its strong price support level at 1.29281, trading with Call options can be recommended up to 1.31166. If the price chart breaches the support level at 1.29281, a trading signal for reaching 1.27093 will be made. In this case we recommend to trade Put Options.

We recommend: TO BUY lower than 1.31166.



The four-hour price chart for GBP/USD reacted alike on the Bank of England’s interest rates release as EUR/USD did. After the intense selling, on a background of the revision of the interest rate at the same 0.50% level, a new trading range between 1.64723 – 1.62844 has been formed. It is important to notice that the price chart for GBP/USD is quite oversold, therefore within the speculative trading, a tactic to trade focusing mostly on buying the asset is considered.

If there is an attempt to price the fall from the last week, there will be a signal for reaching 1.64723. In case of further decrease in direction of the downtrend, trading with Put Options up to 1.61438 is recommended.

We recommend: TO BUY lower than 1.64723.



The four-hour price chart for USD/JPY has formed a new trading range between 105.31 – 104.73. This is a consequence of the speculative buying of the American dollar on a background of the economic decline in Japan. Therefore investors have much less confidence in the JPY. Besides that, the pair is located in an upward trend, where the trading tactics in regards to the pair can lead to a breach of 105.31.

In case of buying the asset, we recommend to trade Саll Options up to 105.31. We recommend to trade Put Options from 104.26 and down to 103.69.

We recommend: TO BUY higher 105.31.



The price chart for AUD/USD currently shows different trading dynamics. Last week the market reacted on the retail sales release in Australia with an intense buying. The data was not worse than expected, which led to the interest of buying the Australian dollar between traders. A movement in a direction of the upward trend is still actual. That’s why trading tactics with binary options between traders can be orientated up to 0.94524.

The advantageous decision in case of buying the asset is to trade Call Options up to the resistance level at 0.93705 and higher up to 0.94524. In case of selling the asset and further decrease of the price chart, we recommend to trade Рut Options up to 0.92799.

We recommend: TO BUY higher 0.93705.



The four-hour price chart for GOLD trades confidentially in the down trend. An actual trading range for Gold is located between 1281.33 – 1262.08. An awaiting position among traders is noticeable. In two weeks the Federal Funds Data for the USA will be published, in case of any positive news, Gold can gradually continue to fall. The asset is considered as a safe asset among investors and therefore the trading tactics are mostly orientated to trade Put Options.

In case of buying the asset, the most advantageous decision is to trade Сall Options up to 1281.33. Otherwise we recommend to trade Put Options up to 1262.08.

We recommend: TO SELL higher 1262.08.


SP500 (H4)

The four-hour price chart for SP500 after the intense buying trades in a range between 2008 – 1991.9. A strong technical signal was the result of the fact, that the index had breached the price resistance at 1991 and had strengthened confidentially. The current position of the price chart is a strong signal for a further selling.

In case of intense buying of the asset, we recommend to trade higher 2008. In case of selling, the price chart can decline lower 1991.9.

We recommend: TO BUY higher 2008.

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.