Trading tactics for 09.01 - 16.01


EUR/USD is located in the downtrend. The common tendency of strengthening of the American dollar makes other currencies to decrease in value. A confident breach of the support level at 1.19036 will give a signal for further sales. Therefore traders can safely open a Put position during this and next weeks.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- To sell lower than 1.19036.

- In case of reversal, we recommend to buy up to 1.19670 and 1.20248.

We recommend: TO SELL.



GBP/USD decreases in value, just like EUR/USD. On background of the USD strengthening, the price chart for the asset has now all conditions to fall. A breach of the boundary level at 1.51815 can lead to more sales down to lower levels during this and next week. Possible purchases can make the pair return to 1.51815.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- To sell lower than 1.51815.

- In case of purchases a new target up to 1.51815 and 1.52895 will open.

We recommend: TO SELL.



AUD/USD trades in a range between 0.82346 - 0.81036. The price resistance level is located at 0.82346, where a further rise could possibly be stopped. But a breaching of the support level at 0.81036, will only increase sales during a few upcoming weeks.Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- To buy up to 0.82346.

- In case of sales we recommend to sell lower than 0.81036.

We recommend: TO AWAIT.



USD/JPY trades without any certain directions. The price barrier at 118.66 restrains the asset, where some confident sales can occur after a while. We would like to pay your attention to the fact, that this level is very important and further purchases can return the asset to 121.53.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- To buy from 118.66 to 121.53.

- In case of sales, the target is 116.74.

We recommend: TO AWAIT.



The price chart for GOLD gives a signal to go out of trading ranges. The price chart has stopped higher, than the price resistance level at 1205.86, which is a “bullish signal” to perform purchases. It’s important to notice, that there will be many macroeconomic data published on the next week, therefore an increase of speculative activity is certain to occur.

Trading tactics for binary option look as follows:

- We recommend to purchase up to 1234.07.

- To sell lower than 1205.86.

We recommend: TO BUY.



SP500 intends to make a pause against its intense increase in value. The asset decreased many times, but new purchases did not give any chances for the price chart to finally correct itself. The important price support level is located at 2001.8 and currently prevents the price chart to perform further sales. A possible breaching of the resistance level at 2024.7 will only increase purchases up to 2052.2.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- If 2024.7 has been breached, a target up to 2052.2 will open.

- In case of sales, a target down to 2001.8 will open.

We recommend: TO BUY.

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.