Trading tactics for 10.03 - 13.03


EUR/USD has penetrated the price barrier of 1.11012 USD.

The interest in sales from investors has only increased. This mood indicates that the pair is stabilizing at a lower trading frame. If sales continue in the next few weeks, then traders will be looking at 1.11012 USD.

Binary options trading tactics:

– further fall will drive to 1.08621 USD

– if the interest will grow higher than 1.11012, then the price can get back to previous trading frame.

Recommendation: SELL



GBP/USD is being traded in its frames of 1.51815 – 1.52634 USD. There are prospects that the GBP can reach the level of 1.51815 USD. Sales will help with the movement to 1.52634, where the current price barrier has been an obstacle for a price fall.

Next week, GBP/USD will be under the influence of the results published regarding the industrial manufacturing of the UK.

Binary options trading tactics:

– Continuous sales will push the price to 1.51815 USD

– Continuous sales will open the way to 1.52634USD

Recommend: SELL up to 1.51815 USD



AUD/USD is on the edge of either positive or negative trend.

A stable support at 0.77728 USD can provoke investors to further sell of the AUD/USD. In spite of everything, the pair is at the path to fall, which can stabilize the sales.

It is important to know that results on the unemployment statistics will influence the pair significantly.

Binary options trading tactics:

– If the AUD shows turnaround, then there are prospects of 0.78791 USD

Recommendation: SELL



USD/JPY is already long out of the triangle.

Perspective target price of yen is 120.69, and if this barrier will be passed, then next target price will be 121.53. Also, it should be mentioned, that this currency pair is in up trend, which helps yen to become stronger. But if we'll see selling of the asset, then the graph may stop around 119.48.

Binary options trading tactics:

– The price where the JPY can stabilize is 120.69 and 212.53 JPY

– A turnaround can be expected at 119.48 JPY

Recommendations: BUY



USD/CHF is trying to move in an upwards position. If the Swiss currency gets through the barrier of 0.97822, then it will bring itself to much higher prices. In this case, we can orientate ourselves on buying up to 0.98782 CHF. If investors will concentrate on purchasing, then we can expect prices to reach 0.99646 CHF.

Binary options trading tactics:

– The first goal after a possible break through, is 0.98782 CHF

– Negative scenario for sales, will reach up to 0.96981 CHF

Recommendations: BUY



USD/RUB has fallen in advantage of the RUB. An important barrier had been broken 59.96. This gave signals for reaching the next level of 58.77. Judging by the trader’s mood, we are expecting a further fall in the pair.

Binary options trading tactics:

– In case of stability, the RUB can expect a breakthrough of 57.77

– If the RUB turns around on the side of purchasing, then we can expect 61.15

Recommendations: SELL



GOLD is at the line of resistance of 1205.90 USD/Ounce. The asset is moving towards a negative channel, which can influence sales to 1191.91 USD/Ounce. If this does not happen, there can be purchases made up to 1219.14 USD/Ounce.

Binary options trading tactics:

– Further fall of the Gold will open goals of 1191.91 USD/Ounce.

– If purchasing increases, that can open goals of 1219.14 USD/Ounce

Recommendations: Waiting for a position

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.