Trading tactics for 18.08 - 22.08


The price chart for EUR/USD has formed a price range between 1.34368 – 1.33475 USD per Euro. It’s considered that traders are expecting a publication of FOMC protocol and the press conferences with the heads of the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank. Currently there is a strong price support at 1.33475 and technically there are some signals for a future decrease in value, as the pair is located at downtrend.

If the EUR/USD breaches out the level of 1.33475, there will be a trend to decrease in value to 1.32910 USD per Euro, where the trading with Put options is recommended. If the price chart moves opposite the trend, 1.34368 EUR/USD is expected.

We recommend: TO AWAIT.



The four-hour price chart for GBP/USD breached the strong price level at 1.68223 USD per pound. Thereby GBP has found its way to lower price values for a future trading with binary options. It is important to mention that if GBP/USD strengthens lower than 1.67057, there will be expected a new trading range between 1.67057 – 1.66018.

If there is a tendency to buy the pair, the 1.68223 level could be formed, it’s a quite strong resistance at the moment. During a future decrease in value in the direction of the downtrend, there could be a tendency to sell the pair up to 1.66018 USD per pound and lower.

We recommend: TO SELL higher than 1.67057 level.



The four-hour price chart for USD/JPY has been demonstrating different dynamics for two weeks in a row. After an unsuccessful attempt to form an uptrend the Yen returned to its price values in the middle of July. The attempts to beat the last weeks’ fall gave a signal to strengthen in a higher trading range at 102.75 – 102.25, where the tactics of trading with binary options could lead to trading sideways.

Call options could be bought up to 102.75 level. Put Options could be sold between levels 102.25 and 101.77.

We recommend: TO BUY higher than 102.75 level.



The price chart for AUD/USD tends to return to its previous trading channel. The Australian dollar is close to testing of the price resistance level at 0.93329 that could give a signal to enter a higher trading range between (sideways) 0.94524 – 0.93329. Though it’s too early to discuss a possible breach of 0.93329, as there is no strong downtrend.

The advantageous solution in this case is to sell Put options up to 0.92799 support level. If there’s a tendency to buy Call options or a rising of price charts, the 0.93329 level can be considered.

We recommend: TO BUY higher than 0.93329 level.



The four-hour price chart for GOLD has strengthened in a trading range between 1321.50 – 1306.97 USD per ounce. An awaiting position between traders is noticeable. A possible breach of the price support level at 1306.97 will give a signal of reaching 1288.56 USD per ounce.

We recommend to buy Call Options up to 1321.50 USD per ounce. Otherwise we recommend to sell Put Options up to 1288.56 USD per ounce.

We recommend: TO AWAIT or SELL higher than 1306.97 level.


SP500 (H4)

The four-hour price chart for SP500 index turned against its decrease in value in July this year. A significant technical signal is explained by the price resistance at 1953, that the index has reached and it’s a tendency for a future rise. In case of frequent buying of the index we recommend to pay attention to 1969.4 level, where Call options most likely would be bought. In case of selling the index, the price can decrease in value up to 1942.8.

We recommend: TO BUY up to 1969.4 level.

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.