Trading tactics for 26.01 - 1.02


EUR/USD is on the way to a to reach the support of 1.13809. Good signals for further fall of the Euro against the USD, is an indicator for breaking this level. Because of this and the amount of sellers for the pair, there is a good possibility for the EUR to reach 1.11012.

Next week there are important events like the FOMC and its statistic and the review of the Federal Funds of the USA. Depending on the results, a further activity will take place regarding the trade of the EUR/USD.

Binary Options trading tactics :

- consider selling after 1.13809.

- possible turnaround at 1.15979.

Recommend : SELL



GBP/USD is following the same trend as the EUR/USD. After the reach of the important level of 1.50304, it is possible to reach up to 1.48503. Because of this, if there is a confident from the downwards trend, there might be a signal to continue selling until the next support.

The most important events in the next week is the publication of the preliminary value of UK GDP.

Binary options trading tactics:

- sell under the support of 1.50304.

- possible level to buy is at 1.51815.

Recommend: SELL



AUD/USD is ready to overcome the support at 0.80286. In the case of steady pass through of the price barrier, a favorable condition for the further reduction of the currency pair is possible. It is important to note that the AUD can go further in a downtrend direction, so the mood to sell only intensifies.

An important event for the AUD next week will be the publication of the consumer price index and producer price index in Australia.

Binary options trading tactics:

- Focus on sales below 0.80286 dollars.

- If they buy , then buy dollars above 0.80286.

Recommend: SELL



USD/JPY is being traded within the 118.66 - 116.74. It is clear that the support price is at 116.74. If the JPY begins to strengthen, then we are expecting a downtrend. In this case it may be possible to open a bidding up to 115.54.

Just remember that next week will be a report and the FOMC rate decision of the Federal Foundation, where the results of such news will increase activity in the USD, so do not exclude a rise above 118.66 yen. Next week pay attention to the statistics of the unemployment rate in Japan.

Binary Options trading tactics:

- Buy from 118.66 yen.

- If the price passes through 116.74, that will open a new support level of 116.74.




The chart of gold (GOLD) shows signals on further purchases. Strong barrier that hinders the banking metal is at 1301.92 dollars per ounce. If traders will sell on this price value, then that will open a possibility for the price to fall until 1262.85 dollars per ounce. It is important to note that after amplification of purchases over the last week, could result in selling and uncertainty of the commodity.

Binary options trading tactics:

- Focus on the purchase of above 1301.92 in case of further growth.

- If you sell, then do that below 1262.85 .




SP500 Index came in at a higher trading range 2052.3 - 2092.7 points.

If we consider that market participants are willing to invest in the US stock index , the purchasing during this week might reach up to 2092.7 points. In addition, a sure way out of the downtrend is a strong signal for further growth.

Binary options trading tactics:

- Focus on the purchase of up to 2092.7 .

- If there are sales, then sell below 2092.7 points.

Recommend: BUY

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.