Trading tactics for 14.12 - 18.12


EUR/USD continues to trade positively. The pair could be bought actively in order to be sold right before the Fed's meeting this Wednesday. That's why the two levels to orientate are located at 1.11144 and 1.08506. If one of these levels is breached, there will be a chance, that the pair will start moving out of that trading range.

We would like to mention, that this week is very important, as the Fed's interest rate will be announced. This is the long-awaited data release for financial markets, since the USD direction in pair with other currencies will be defined.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- in case of further rise, we recommend to buy up to 1.11144.

- in case of further decline, we recommend to sell from 1.08506.

We recommend: TO AWAIT



GBP/USD trades in the range of 1.52194 – 1.51216. Since the pair went out of the downtrend, it has been considered as a strong signal. Tehnically, the pair's value might leave the formed trading range. If the pair confidently reaches the resistance level near 1.52194, we can expect reaching the 1.53308.

On this week traders will pay a lot of attention to the inflation data, in particular to the Consumer Price Index and labor market reports. These releases might significantly affect the GBP's value, depending on the actual data.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- if the price chart continues to grow, we'll recommend to buy from 1.52194.

- in case of new phase of decline, a target from 1.51216 will open.

We recommend: TO BUY



AUD/USD gave a strong signal to move further along the trend line. The value has successfully reached the resistance level at 0.72649, which currenly has turned into the strong support line. The pair is likely to strengthen further and reach 0.74302. The value of the Australian dollar was strongly influenced by the decrease in the unemployment rate in Australia.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- in case of further rise, we recommend to buy up to 0.74302.

- in case of new decline, we recommend to sell from 0.72649.

We recommend: TO BUY



USD/JPY has breached the sideways channel. The pair has confidently reached the resistance level at 121.69, which is only increasing the JPY's strengthening effect. The Japanese GDP for the third quarter has risen by 0.3% against the previous level of -0.2%. With such positive sentiment, the asset can strengthen further. There's a possibility to reach the support level at 120.34. In alternative case, the value can get back to the level of 122.54.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- in case of correction, a new target up to 122.54 will appear.

- in case of further fall, we expect reaching the level of 120.34 and lower.

We recommend: TO SELL



USD/CHF attempts to strengthen in the 0.98884 – 0.97998 trading range. At the same time, the resistance level at 0.98884 is the strong signal to open a trade. There could be both purchases and sales. An opposite direction against the downtrend is not excluded, as the asset is locally overbought and is ready to reverse.

For those, who follow the value of the Swiss franc, we highly recommend to pay attention to the Quarterly Bulletin, which will be released by the Swiss National bank on this week.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- in case of rise, we recommend to buy from 0.98884.

- in case of new fall, we recommend to sell down to 0.97998 and 0.97066.

We recommend: TO BUY



USD/RUB holds a pause while expecting important market news. The new tendency of the decrease in oil prices puts some pressure on the Russian ruble. Therefore a new phase of the pair's decline is not excluded. The first target is located at 71.13. From the technical perspective, there's a risk for the RUB to strengthen up to the price support level at 66.59. The value is testing a new level of the upward trend.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- in case of rise, the first target is 71.13.

- in case of fall (the RUB strengthening), we can expect reaching the level of 66.59 and lower.

We recommend: TO BUY



Gold trades without any strong signals to rise or fall in the trading range of 1083.56 – 1066.80. Since the value is currently consolidated, traders most probably expect the upcoming announcement of the Fed's interest rate. Therefore, if the price leaves the boundary levels, there will be a signal to open a trade. Moreover, the US trading dynamics will also affect the asset. If the USD strengthens, we can expect a new phase of Gold's decline.

Binary Option Trading Tactic:

- if gold rises, we recommend to buy up to 1102.09.

- in case of further decrease, we can expect to see the minimum value from the beginning of December, which equals 1050.54.

We recommend: TO AWAIT

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.