Trading tactics for 23.02 - 27.02


EUR/USD is not in a hurry to exit from its set trading frame. According to previous actual price, the support level is 1.12848 USD. We can say that current price frame is a psychological barrier where the exit is from 1.12848. That gives a positive signal for sale. In the current week, EUR can be affected by the publication of user's index of the USA.

Binary option trading strategy:

- Confident turnaround goal is 1.14814 and 1.15892 USD.

- If there is breakthrough of 1.12848 USD, then we can expect further fall.

Recommended: Wait for the upcoming position.



GBP/USD is showing hopes for the buyers that the breakthrough is at 1.54450 USD. That gives a new chance for growth. The GBP is stable in the frame of 1.53387- 1.54450 USD where exit can push buyers for opening trades. In case the barrier of support is 1.53387, traders can be interested in selling up to 1.52628 USD.

Binary option trading strategy:

- a further growth from 1.53387 marks the goal up to 1.54450 USD.

- further sale can open a way up to 1.52628 USD.

Recommended: Sell after 1.53387 USD.



AUD/USD is showing a trial to reach the resistance of 0.78791 USD. If the AUD breaks through the level of resistance, then it will create a trend for further movement against the stable growth of the sale. However in case of sale, will give a signal for further movement within the frame of 0.78791 – 0.76466 USD.

Note that important events for Australia are the publication of the minimum salary index.

Binary option trading strategy:

- further fall will open 0.76466 USD

- In case of further growth, watch for 0.78791 and 0.80286 USD.

Recommended: Buy



USD/JPY has focused in a triangle. Support barriers are 118.66 JPY. Therefore sale lower than the formed level will give an indication for sellers. That can open ways for reaching 117.42 JPY.

Next week, strong effect on the JPY can play data regarding the labor market of Japan.

Binary option trading strategy:

- breakthrough of the support 118.66 gives a selling signal.

- stable buy from 118.66 will open a goal of 120.69 JPY.

Recommended: Wait for the upcoming position.



USD/RUB is showing stabilization. Strong barrier is 61.15, which means that there is a possibility for the USD/RUB to continue its course against further fall. However as soon as development shows realization, then there will be good conditions for stabilizing the RUB. Another outcome could be the the trade of the USD/RUB in the frame of 63.30 – 61.15.

Binary option trading strategy:

- in case of stable RUB, we can see a breakthrough at 61.15.

- In case of growth there are prospects for movement up to 63.30.

Recommended: Sell



USD/CHF is trying to stabilize further development and keep the growth trend. If USD/CHF will continue its growth, then we can see the development of new goals with higher price indications. In case of sale, a fall can be expected to 0.94862 and 0.94468 CHF. Such a scenario will underline the possibility for the CHF to fall.

Binary option trading strategy:

- First goal in case of turnaround is 0.94468 CHF.

- in case of stable growth, the goal can reach up to 0.95166 CHF.

Recommended: Sell



GOLD is being concentrated towards sale. This tendency is supported on the level of 1205.90 USD/Ounce. Therefore we can anticipate buyers but not before the level of 1234.07 USD/Ounce. Important factors for the further fall are the bank metal assets and the increase of the falling trend.

Binary option trading strategy:

- an option for buyers will open a goal of 1234.07 USD/Ounce.

- further fall will open way to 1173.58 USD/Ounce.

Recommended: Sell

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.