Trading tactics for 09.02 - 13.02


EUR/USD after some consolidation has entered higher trading ranges, aiming the 1.15892. The pair has also formed an upward trend – this is an additional signal for further prior purchases. It’s also important to notice, that there’s a strong signal to leave the selling tendency, which can increase purchases.

Considering this week, the USA’s retails sales report can influence EUR/USD.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- In case of trading in an opposite direction, we recommend to focus at 1.13809.

- If EUR/USD continues to rise, we recommend to buy up to 1.15892.

We recommend: TO BUY.



GBP/USD performed an intense increase during the whole last week. The pair is not likely to intend to strengthen further up to 1.54450. There’s a possibility, that after these purchases, the asset could trade in an opposite direction. With such scenario a new target down to 1.52625 will open.

This week can bring some fluctuations, as the Industrial Production reports for the UK will be published.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- An intense rise will open a target up to 1.53367.

- In case of sales, a target down to 1.52625 will open.

We recommend: TO SELL.



AUD/USD has strengthened near the price barrier at 0.78791. It’s important to notice, that AUD/USD intends to rise further up to the key level. Therefore there will be a possibility to perform a movement against the tendency. Purchases can grow after the confident breaching of 0.78791.

It’s worth noting, that the Unemployment rate release will be a very important event for Australia.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- A confident rise will create good conditions for purchases up to 0.78791.

- In case of sales and with no further increase, we recommend to orientate at 0.77728.

We recommend: TO BUY.



USD/JPY continues to trade indefinitely, a triangle is likely to be formed. If the pair leaves the boundary levels, there will be a signal to open a trade. That’s why, according to the current situation, it will be appropriate to await and open trades only in case of stable sales and purchases.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- A breaching of 117.42 will give a signal to buy up to 118.66.

- Sales from 117.42 will open a target down to 115.54.

We recommend: TO AWAIT.



GOLD keeps a pause against a confident decline. A downtrend is about to be formed, which shows a possibility for further sales. But the strong barrier prevents the asset from it. Therefore a breach of the support level at 1262.85 will create preconditions for reduction.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- In case of purchases we recommend to buy up to 1262.85.

- In case of intense sales we can expect the 1234.07 level.

We recommend: TO AWAIT.



SP500 showed a confident signal to move against the established trend. That’s why a further rise up to 2075.7 will create preconditions for further strengthening. In that scenario if the 2092.7 level is reached, we will recommend to await. The current level is a strong resistance against the rise, where the price chart could possibly stop at.

Trading tactics for binary options look as follows:

- In case of reduction we recommend to sell down to 2052.3.

- In case of purchases, a perspective up to 2075.7 and 2092.7 will open.

We recommend: TO BUY.


The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.