Trading tactics for 13.04 - 17.04


EUR/USD trades in an opposite direction with the target to reach 1.06386, despite of the upward trend. The level is currently a significant barrier against further sales. That is why if there is an attempt to reach this price level, there will be a signal to reach a lower price level at 1.05250. In any other cases, purchases can occur below 1.08621.

In the middle of the week, trading could be very active, as the ECB interest rates will be announced.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of rise, we recommend to orientate at 1.08621.

- In case of further sales, pay attention to the 1.05250 level.

We recommend: TO SELL



The asset is showing a confident way out of the triangle. This strong signal indicates that the pair can further decrease and reach the support level at 1.46518. It is also important to notice, that if such tendency continues, the common sentiment to sell is likely to occur on the market.

As regards to important news on this week, the Unemployment rate and Consumer Price Index reports will be published.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of further sales, a target down to 1.46518 will open.

- In case of confident rise, we recommend to buy up to 1.47610 and 1.48574.

We recommend: TO SELL



AUD/USD demonstrates an attempt to trade upwards. The resistance level at 0.77162 prevents further purchases. Such location of the price chart says about a potential possibility to fall down to the support level at 0.76465.

For those investors, who preferably trade currencies with the Australian dollar, we recommend to pay attention to the Unemployment report for Australia.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- The growth of the pair’s value will open a target up to 0.7728.

- If AUD/USD shows strengthening below 0.77162, then confident sales can begin.

We recommend: TO AWAIT



USD/JPY is ready to reach the resistance level at 120.69. Nevertheless, it is important to notice, that the pair could also strengthen below the support level at 120.24, so the trading range between 120.96 – 120.24 can form.

The beginning of the week could be active for the asset, as the Monetary policy report of the Bank of Japan will be published. However, if investors prefer to buy the USD based on publication, then the pair can enter higher trading ranges.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of an opposite direction, a target down to 119.48 will open.

- A further movement along the new trend can increase purchases up to 121.53.

We recommend: TO BUY



GOLD has reversed from its sales trend. The support level will be having an effect at 1194.5 USD/Ounce. It is important to note that if the commodity continues to fall, the key level can surely be broken. In such a scenario, we can expect a level of 1173.58 USD/Ounce. It is also important to know that as the USD is stabilizing, GOLD can fully show a breakthrough against its upwards trend.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of continuous sales, we can expect 1173.58 USD/Ounce

- A scenario with purchases will open a level of 1205.90 USD/Ounce.

We recommend: TO SELL



USD/CHF has reached a resistance level of 0.97822 CHF. If the key level is crossed, then we can see prospects for growth up to 0/98782 CHF. If the negative scenario is realized, the pair can fall down to 0.96755 CHF.

Next week traders should be looking out for an interesting publication regarding manufacturing index of Switzerland.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- With further fall, a priority level can be 0/96755 CHF.

- If purchases continue, we can expect to see a level of 0.98782 CHF.

We recommend: TO BUY



USD/RUB still holds its confident rates. This time, the pair is holding the support level of 52.01. If further sales continue, we can expect to see a breakthrough of the current price level. If a turnaround takes place, with clear signals for purchasing, then we can expect prospects for reaching resistance at the level of 55.68

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of a turnaround of the RUB from 52.01, we can expect a break against the trend and a level of 55.68.

- If the RUB stabilizes, then we can see a level up to 48.24.

We recommend: TO SELL


The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.