Trading tactics for 15.09 - 19.09


The price chart for EUR/USD has formed a stable price support at 1.28604 dollars per euro. Most likely the price chart will consolidate before the important financial news. Particularly, next week on Wednesday when Fed Funds interest rates data will be published, that's when high activity is expected on the market. This news will be of major importance because during the last few years US economy has shown stable recovery. Judging by expectations, the majority believes that the interest rate is going to increase.

Binary options market analysis is the same as the last week, if the EUR/USD is going to strengthen higher than strong support at 1.29281, further increase should be expected up to 1.31166 dollars per euro (Call options). If the EUR/USD chart is going to move within 1.29281 and 1.28604, expect a market signal for gradual downgrade down to 1.27093 dollars per euro. In case this scenario will take place, consider opening Put options.

Recommendations: TO AWAIT



The four-hour price chart for GBP/USD pair has shown a U-turn after strong recession and formed a price support at 1.60710 dollars per pound. A new trading range is also clearly seen within 1.62835 – 1.60710 dollars per pound, there is a chance that the pound will continue to consolidate and start moving sideways.

It is important to notice that next week data will be published for Britain's labor market, in particular the unemployment rate. It’s a commonly known fact that the unemployment rate is decreasing steadily, thus the market may follow speculative binary options tactics, which will likely result in buying (Call option).

If the market will continue to follow last week’s downtrend, then there will be a signal at 1.62834. In case of further decline following the downtrend, expect selling before 1.60710 dollars per pound.

Recommendations: BUY, but not higher than 1.62835.



The four-hour graph for pair USD/JPY formed a new trading range within 106-98 and 106.15 yen. Taking the lowering economic activity of Japan into consideration, it is still affected by speculative dollar buying. Which only proves that investor trust lowered significantly. Moreover, yen and dollar are in an uptrend, thus binary options trading tactics for this currency may force market players to buy US dollar.

In case of buying the asset, it is recommended to open Call Options until 107.87 yen. In case of selling the pair, follow the level of 106.15 and lower until 105.45 yen.

Recommendations: BUY after breaking through 106.98 yen



The price chart for AUD/USD has returned to the downtrend of July this year. High sales of Australian dollar has formed a stable downtrend until 0.90117 dollar. There is a high chance that the binary options chart will reach this level (0.90117) and consolidation will take place while expecting important news.

Trading tactics for binary options will be the following, in case of buying (Call Option) a deal could be profitable until the resistance level 0.91300 and higher until 0.92124. With stable sales and further decline of Australian dollar, consider opening selling deals (Put Option) until the level of 0.90117.

Recommendations: SELL until 0.90117 dollar.


GOLD (H4) 

The four-hour price chart for GOLD again has proven stable sales. There is a high chance that gold will enter a new trading range within 1242.41 – 1214.30 dollars per ounce. The precious metals market is still expecting intrigues. Next week US Federal Reserve will announce the Federal Fund Rate and if it is going to increase then gold might continue its downgrade. Investors are ready to exit “safety assets” markets and gold in general, thus taking into account mentioned expectations, trading tactics for decline (Put option) for binary options can still be profitable.

In case of buying the asset, an efficient solution to implement trading tactics focused on Call Options will be 1242.41 USD per ounce. Otherwise we recommend to trade Put Options up to 1214.30 USD per ounce.

Recommendations: SELL until 1214.30 USD per ounce.


SP500 (H4) 

The four-hour chart for SP500 index after short sales, tries to return to its previous trading range 2008.4 – 1991.9. In case the line goes through the resistance point at 1991.9, there will be a clear signal for further increase at the resistance point of 2008.4. Further selling will result in a decline for binary options chart and may go below 1991.9 and form a new target point at 1969.6

Recommendations: BUY from 1991 points.

The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.