Trading tactics for 16.03 - 20.03


After stable sales EUR/USD reached a significant price barrier at 1.05244 USD. It is most likely that the current price will long hold the pair against further fall. At the end of the day, the current level can also play as a signal for difference if the USD in the pair with the EUR will continue to strengthen itself.

Next week FOMC can affect the pair and that will be clear on Thursday.

Binary Options Trading Tactics

Further fall can go through 1.05244 USD

If buyers decide to start investing in the pair, then the price can reach the level of 1.08621 USD

Recommendation: SELL



After a stable fall GBP/USD has stopped at 1.48574 USD. At the current position, there is a possibility for further stability. If the price chart breaks through the level of 1.48574 USD, then there are prospects for further even further low price level of 1.46518 USD. In the case of opposite reaction, there can be unforeseen trade in the frame of 1.50304 – 1.48574 USD.

In the new week, GBP/USD will be affected by the statistic regarding the unemployment rate of the UK.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

Continuous sales will set a level up to 1.46518 USD

Turnaround of the GBP can open levels up to 1.50304 USD

Recommendation: SELL



AUD/USD broke through the key levels and has set a trend. Now its further fall can affect to reach a level of 0.76465 USD. The realization of such a scenario, can create prospects for further fall for the AUD.

It is important to watch out for monitory politics information which will be released this week.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

Further fall and a break through of the key level can set levels up to 0.74787 USD

If the AUD shows a confident turnaround, then there are prospects for levels of up to 0.77728 USD

Recommendation: SELL



USD/JPY is still being traded near the stronghold of 121.53 JPY. If a new downwards sales wave starts, it can create a further unforeseen results. That can lead to the creation of a new triangle.

However, it is important to mention that during the week, there will be a press-conference of the Bank of Japan. That is why we can expect a rise of the number of investors.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

A rise of the pair will set levels of up to 122.69 JPY

A selling turnaround of the pair will meet a support line of 120.69 JPY




GOLD encountered strong support on a much lower level of 1150.38 USD/Ounce. It is very clear that there will be change in the trend. Just like the previous week, the commodity fell in price. That is why we can expect that GOLD will be traded no lower than the key level of 1150.38 USD/Ounce.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

Continuous sales dynamics will set a level of 1140.43 USD/Ounce

A turnaround can lead to levels up to 1173.58 USD/Ounce




USD/CHF has come to a pause against the buyer's tendency. Now there are prospects to see the CHF in the levels of 0.01266 – 0.99646 CHF. We can also see a pull towards its previous price level of 0.99646 CHF. If such scenario takes place,then sales can start with a possibility to break through the current levels.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

First level in case of growth is 0.01265 CHF

Negative outcome towards sales can set levels of up to 0.99646 CHF




USD/RUB is being traded from level to level. In such way, if the pair stabilizes over 61.15, then there are prospects for levels of 62.61 and 63.30. At these border levels, a turnaround can be expected or unforeseen trading. If the RUB stabilizes, there is a tendency for selling the USD with levels of up to 59.96 and 58.77.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

In the case of RUB falling, we can expect levels of 62.61 by next week

If the RUB returns to its stable level then it can be set at 59.95



The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.