Trading tactics for 27.04 - 01.05


EUR/USD is stabilizing over the level of 1.08630, which means that there is a possibility for it to reach 1.11012 USD. It is also clear that it does not want to be in the same diapason as last week. The reason for its growth is the negative statistic regarding the unemployment rate in the USA.

In this week, traders will be looking closely at the FOMC for further signals.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- If the prospect of growth continues, then we can see levels of 1.11012 USD.

- If there is a breakthrough of the key level, then the price can reach to 1.06386 USD.



The GBP is showing a confident stability higher than the support level of 1.50304 USD. This is a strong signal that the GBP can stabilize itself reaching the level of resistance of 1.51815 USD. It is also important that if such tendency continues, then we can expect to see purchasing of the GBP against other currencies also.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- Continuous purchase can open levels of 1.51815 and 1.53441 USD

- A confident fall of the GBP can provoke traders to sell up to 1.50304 USD.

We recommend: TO BUY



AUD/USD is showing a try to establish a new upward trend. There are prospects for growth up to 0.77728 USD, which means that the AUD is being purchased again. This level of the price is an indicator that there is a potential for further growth with levels up to 0.78469 USD.

Binary Options trading Tactics:

- The growth of the AUD can open levels up to 0.78469 and 0.78791 USD.

- If the AUD/USD shows a turnaround, then we can see confident sales up to 0.77728 USD.

We recommend: TO BUY



USD/JPY is ready to reach the support level of 118.66 JPY. The pair can also reach to the price level of 118.23 JPY, and if so, it can stabilize in the diapason of 118.66 - 118.23. It is important, that by Tuesday it can increase its active growth as soon as we see statistics regarding the Japanese economy.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- If there is a breakthrough against the current tendency, then we can see levels of 119.48 JPY.

- Further movement in the new trend can increase the sales up to 118.66 JPY.

We recommend: TO SELL



GOLD is turning against its upward trend. There are prospects of reaching the key levels of 1173.58 USD/Ounce. It is also possible to see stabilization in the frame of 1191.91 - 1186.39 USD/Ounce if the sales tendency continues. If a new purchasing wave continues during the week, we can expect a level of 1186.39 USD/Ounce.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of further sales, the GOLD can confirm the level of 1173.58 USD/Ounce.

- In case of purchasing, we can see levels of 1186.39 USD/Ounce.

We recommend: TO SELL



USD/CHF reached the support level of 0.95403 CHF. If the current key levels are broken through, then we can see a prospect for fall down to the next level of 0.94868 CHF. With such purchases, the pair can turnaround to 0.96755 CHF.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of fall, expect a level of 0.94868 CHF.

- If there are purchases, it will open levels up to 0.96755 CHF.

We recommend: TO SELL



USD/RUB continues to keep its direction of fall (stabilizing the RUB). This time the pair has support at 50.78. Traders might be interested to sell even more in case of a confident move of the price levels. If there is a turnaround with sure signals for purchasing, we can expect to see prospects of reaching the resistance level of 52.01 and more up to 53.99.

Binary Options Trading Tactics:

- In case of a turnaround of the RUB from 50.78, we can expect a signal of breakthrough of the trend with a level of 53.99.

- If the RUB stabilizes, then we can see levels of up to 48.24.

We recommend: TO SELL


The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.