Trading tactics for 30.03 - 03.04


EUR/USD is now decreasing lower than 1.08621, which potentially gives a possibility to reach the 1.06386 level. Besides that, there is also the apparent reluctance of the pair to go further in direction of the new upward trend. The reason for that is the conflict in the Far East, which had influenced the asset to fall below the key values.

On this week, traders will react to the publication of the PMI Manufacturing Index reports for the Eurozone and the USA.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- In case of further fall, the target is 1.06385.

- In case of movement in an opposite direction, the price chart can reach 1.11012.

We recommend: TO SELL



GBP/USD showed intense selling after a few unsuccessful attempts to overcome the resistance at 1.49700. The significant signal for a further decline was the value’s strengthening lower than 1.48574. Due to such situation, the pair could decrease in value and strengthen in lower trading ranges.

On this week, the Manufacturing PMI report can affect the British pound.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- In case of further fall, the target down to 1.46518 will be opened.

- In case of opposite trading, the asset can return to 1.50304 - 1.48574 trading ranges.

We recommend: TO SELL



AUD/USD repeats the driving dynamics of such currencies as the euro and the British pound. Nevertheless, with this particular asset it’s seen, that if the 0.77728 level has been breached, there will be favorable trading conditions for a further fall. Besides that, the target up to 0.76465 can be formed.

The release of the Trading Balance report of Australia can influence the pair.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- In case of decreasing, a new perspective to reach 0.76465 can open.

- If AUD/USD has strengthened higher than 0.77728, the asset could start to trade indefinitely.

We recommend: TO SELL



USD/JPY is ready to turn against the long-lasting decline down to 118.66. In case of breaching the resistance level at 119.48, a target up to 120.69 can open. It’s also seen, that there's the reluctance of market participants to continue to sell, which is a strong signal for further purchases.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- The movement against the previous trend will open a target up to 120.69.

- In case of sales, the support level will be at 118.66.

We recommend: TO BUY



Gold is turning around from its upwards trend. There are prospects for reaching a key level of 1191.91 USD/Ounce. Besides, we might see a stabilty in the frames of 1191.91 – 1173.58 USD/Ounce if the sales tendency continues. If a new wave of purchasing starts and continues in a week, then we can expect a level of 1221.83 USD/Ounce.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- If sales continue, GOLD will confirm its level of 1191.91 and 1173.58 USD/Ounce

- If purchases increase, then we are looking at a level of 1221.83 USD/Ounce

We recommend: TO SELL



After a fall, USD/CHF is turning around. If the price chart overcomes the resistance of 0.96755 CHF, then we will see prospects for further purchases. Investors can expect a level of 0.97822 CHF.

Binary Options Trading Tactic:

- In case of growth the level to watch out is 0.97822 CHF

A negative scenario supporting sales will open a level up to 0.95403 CHF.




USD/RUB has stopped its movement against the downwards trend. At the moment there is a strong price support of 56.29. It is been held against its movement at a level of 57.65. If we see a breakthrough of that level, then we can expect a movement up to 58.77.

Binary Options Tarding Tactics:

In case of the RUB gaines movement from 57.65, we can expect a rise up to 58.77.

If the RUB stabilizes, then we can expect a level of up to 56.29.

We recommend: TO BUY


The information and recommendations contained in this analytical document are published strictly for information purposes and are not considered as an offer to buy or sell the trading tools mentioned above and are not intended to motivate to perform certain transactions.