Trading tactics for 22.12 - 26.12


The strong turnaround for the EUR/USD was at the center of attention last week. The binary option chart shows a movement towards the border of 1.22368 and there could be a further fall. The economic news significantly strengthened the USD. News from USA influenced strengthening of dollar, because FRS left interest rate on the same level. Also, head of Federal Reserve System reported that interest rate may rise earlier than expected.

Binary option trading strategy:

- sell up to 1.22368 USD.

- If there is further investment, then watch for growth level of 1.23737 and 1.24451 USD.

Recommended: Sell (PUT)



GBP is being traded with no stability. A few technical barriers are limiting the confident trade of the GBP. Investors are not confidently selling and the strong resistance is limiting investors from further purchase of the currency.

Important event is the statistic that is about to published next week. According to those news, we can see a more stable trade of the GBP.

Binary option trading strategy:

- if there is a further fall, then we should watch for the marks of 1.56071 and 1.55370.

- purchases will allow for the price to reach 1.57338.

Recommended: Position to be confirmed (waiting for a more stable trading pattern)



The AUD has currently reduced its active sale. Technical barriers are keeping the prices around the border of 0.81036. This has created a trading diapason 0.82346 – 0.81036.

Binary option trading strategy:

- sell up to 0.81036.

- buy not higher than 0.82346.

Recommended: Position to be confirmed (waiting for a more stable trading pattern)



After a significant stability, the JPY is falling again. After breaking through its price barrier of 118.66, the expected value is up to 121.53. This is a realistic mark for the current move on the binary options. Trader can take advantage of this situation.

Binary option trading strategy:

- new growth from 118.66 until 121.53.

- if sales start, then the price will reach up to 118.66.

Recommended: BUY (CALL)



After its attempt to follow the trend, Gold fell back under 1205.86 per ounce. Trading on binary options, can keep the commodity in the frame of 1205.86 – 1185.43 per ounce. Its move out of the borders gives a good opportunity for trading.

Binary option trading strategy:

- buy no higher than 1205.86 per ounce

- if selling, then no lower than 1185.43 per ounce.

Recommended: Position to be confirmed (waiting for a more stable trading pattern)



SP500 has entered a new phase of growth. As per chart, it reached 2078.3 points. If further purchases start, then it is inevitable to see further growth.

Important news regarding the US market next week will play a factor.

Binary option trading strategy:

- if the level of 2078.3 is pierced, there will be further purchases.

- if sales start, then other marks are to be looked out for 2052.3 and 2022.3 points.

Recommended: BUY (CALL)

Information and opinions in this analytical document are published only as information and in no way can be seen as offers to buy or sell the mentioned options. At the same time the information is not designed to provoke any trading activities.