Trading tactics for 29.12 - 02.01


The strong price support of the EUR/USD on 1,22368 is now moving towards the diapason of 1,22368 – 1,20468. It is important to mention that the price is in a downwards trend. In this state, there is a good opportunity to sell the Euro.

Binary option trading strategy:

- sell up to 1.20468 USD.

- If there is further investment, then watch for growth level of 1.22368 USD.

Recommended: Sell (PUT)



GBP has stabilized on an important level of 1,55370 USD. If the statistic shows another wave of sales, then it is possible for the price to reach 1,54450 USD. However at this moment, the signals show a further fall than a growth therefore important signals are the sell signals.

Binary option trading strategy:

- if there is a further fall, then we should watch for the marks of 1.54450 USD.

- purchases will allow for the price to reach 1.56049 USD.

Recommended: SELL (PUT)



The AUD has stopped being actively selling. There are significant obstacles against the sale on the border of 0.81036 USD. Still the AUD is holding at the trading diapason of 0.82346 – 0.81036 USD. Technical barriers are keeping the prices around the border of 0.81036. This has created a trading diapason 0.82346 – 0.81036.

Binary option trading strategy:

- sell up to 0.81036 USD.

- buy not higher than 0.82346 USD.

Recommended: Position to be confirmed (waiting for a more stable trading pattern)



The JPY is still loosing its position after a confident stability last week. The first level where we should anticipate a possibility with binary options is in the region of 121.53. The further growth after 121.53 JPY, can only accelerate the positive buy. Possibility for sale will be at the position of 118.66 JPY.

Binary option trading strategy:

- new growth from 120.8 until 121.53.

- if sales start, then the price will reach up to 118.66.

Recommended: BUY ( CALL)



Gold has stopped at the level of support at 1173.23 per ounce. Therefor follow the binary option chart to the price barrier of 1185.43 for most buys. Looking at this situation, we can make a conclusion that gold can reach the next level of 1205.86 USD per ounce.

Binary option trading strategy:

- buy no higher than 1205.86 per ounce

- if selling, then no lower than 1173.23 per ounce.

Recommended: BUY (CALL)



SP500 has stopped growing after 2086.2 points. As per chart, it broke the barrier of 2075.7. It is very possible that after a confident buy, the index can reach the level that it was at the beginning of the month. Therefor, support can be on the border of 2052.3 and give an indication for what is to follow.

Binary option trading strategy:

- if the level of 2086.2 is pierced, there will be further purchases.

- if sales start, then other levels are to be watched in the border of 2075.7 and 2052.3 points.

Recommended: SELL ( PUT)

Information and opinions in this analytical document are published only as information and in no way can be seen as offers to buy or sell the mentioned options. At the same time the information is not designed to provoke any trading activities.